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DAL is a company that provides protection and authentication solutions.

What is DAL RSSI?

DAL-Global’s Patent Pending True Identity Management solution allows us to prove the Irrefutable Existence of every Human Being, alive or deceased, through a Secure, Accurate, Trusted and Referable Identity. We do this by linking the Single Existing Real-World Human Being to their Single Digital Twin in the Cyberworld with Forensic protocol. Our IdentiKee™ KiOSK is based on a dedicated compilation of biometric capturing devices, which is integrated with specific software on high-end components. We include optimized levels of security protocols incorporated into a rugged and modular free-standing kiosk. The kiosk is focussed on the collection of the various biometrics of a Single Existing Real-World Human Being and linking this to a unique IdentiKee™ global identifying number. To ensure we can verify any individual on our IdentiKee™ product, we have created the IdentiKee™ PROOF device, which can verify any Identity on the DAL system using Fingerprints and/or Irises. DAL-Global is committed to the Kaizen approach of constant and never-ending improvement or as we see evolution, especially in the Digital Era. We therefore create of a Digital Signed Attestation (DSA) of the Single Existing Real-World Human Being’s Identity, which includes only the specific data of the individual. We call this the REFERENCED Self-Sovereign Identity (RSSI), as we can trace back the SSI to the Single Existing Real-World Human Being in the DAL system. We take Identity Management very seriously and through our IdentiKee™ product, we address various problems related to Identity theft and fraud. We nullify Synthetic Identities, pro-actively prevent fraud related to Identity theft and also keep evidence of any attempt to defraud our solution. We have also created the “Republic of the Saved”, where we assist people whose Identity has been mismanaged, lost or plainly stolen.

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Name DAL
Founded 2017
CEO Dawid Jacobs
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HQ location United States Of America
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Cyber security rating 83
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