EarthShift Global

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Sustainability assessment/LCA consulting, software, and training for measurable, impactful results

What is EarthShift Global?

EarthShift Global provides environmental sustainability software, training, and consulting to partners in industry, academia, and government. We offer life cycle analysis (LCA) software like EarthSmart and PackageSmart, and customized sustainability consulting and training tailored to specific environmental and social issues. In addition to life cycle consulting, our green capabilities include Sustainable Return on Investment (Sustainable ROI or S-ROI) analysis using our 3Pillars software, lifecycle evaluation, and impact assessment of packaging, products and processes. Since 2000, we have helped hundreds of companies (including many Fortune 500 members) integrate sustainability into business operations. Our team, including founder Lise Laurin, has an outstanding research and publication record, including pioneering development of Sustainable ROI and service to the world sustainability community. Our mission: empower and support customers at every step of their work, partnering for research, analysis, and development of environmental sustainability measures that meet the unique and complex needs of their organizations. #LifeCycleAssessment #SustainabilityConsulting #Manufacturing #Packaging #Software #Training #LCA #SROI #GHGs #EPDs #PCRs

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