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I-Faber is a provider of supply chain digital solutions and services.

What is I-Faber?

‣ IFABER MISSION In order to generate value for companies, we are an intelligent incubator: a platform which, by transforming the data coming from the supply chains, returns digital services and process skills to companies that are useful for the creation, production and marketing of products and services. ‣ IFABER | THE FIRST LINK IN THE VALUE CHAIN ​​Since 2001 we have started a new way of thinking, doing and acting. We were the first to boost e-commerce in the B2B sector. Today, with over 15 years of experience, we have specialized our skills: we are a fundamental element for our customers, for whom we enable services and technology that allow us to make full use of the potential in the reference supply chain, with the constant aim of evolve and contribute to the generation of value in the supply chain, we are: THE FIRST LINK IN THE VALUE CHAIN ​​‣ IFABER DIGITAL | IFABER CONSULTING | IFABER SERVICES The challenges of our customers are our challenges, our successes are achieved in achieving the objectives of the companies with which we operate. We offer our customers - Businesses, Public Administrations and Utilities - a broad value proposition: • IFABER DIGITAL | We offer our customers the IFABER MANAGER platform that allows you to digitally manage the entire supply chain cycle process with flexibility, simplicity and security. • IFABER CONSULTING | We help our clients to identify areas for improvement in terms of process, expense analysis, costs and negotiation strategy with the aim of bringing and generating value for the company. • IFABER SERVICES | They accompany customers in the change management processes that follow the adoption of digital solutions to ensure success and results in the use of the IFABER MANAGER platform.

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Name I-Faber
Founded 2001
Employees 0
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HQ location Italy
Locations United States, Australia, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Korea Republic Of, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Province Of China, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom
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ISO 9001
Revenue 2020 ($m) 10
Total funding ($m) -
Cyber security rating 99
Certificates ISO 9001

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