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Ideanote is a software that develops, collects, automates, and manages ideas for business.

What is Ideanote?

Ideanote - a modern way of collecting, sharing and evaluating ideas. An Idea Management Platform designed to make your organisation more agile, creative and valuable. You know, they say the future belongs to the next idea. Well, my newfound friend, the future is now and collecting ideas from your employees and stakeholders has never been more important. At Ideanote we believe in ideas. We dream ideas. And we want to help you get great ideas too. So, we created a groundbreaking idea management tool. Collecting, structuring, and evaluating ideas has never been easier. We believe in simplicity and intuitive features. We want to enable every part of your organization to easily chip in on the innovation process. Since ideas can come when you least expect it, our tool is cloud-based, making it instantly accessible from any device, at any time. Whether you are looking for new products for your existing portfolio, or need to improve details in your day-to-day operations, Ideanote is the idea management tool you need for a smoother and more successful innovation process. With our untamed, yet highly professional team as your partner-in-innovation, your organization will immediately become agile in the ideation process. We want to engage your employees on an entirely new level, tailored for modern organizations and expectations. Furthermore, our solution generates easy-accessible, real-time data, giving you the power of insight to make informed decisions. Enabling crowd-sourcing, cross-department ideation, client and multi-stakeholder involvement for your company has never been easier! Visit our homepage now for more information. Oh, and please don’t be shy. We know a lot about ideas and innovation, and we would love to help you. Here is our first idea to you: Give us a shout! ☺

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Name Ideanote
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