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InnovationCast is a provider of management software solutions.

What is InnovationCast?

Hi. Thank you for checking out our page! If you are looking for the best technology to bring ideas that make a difference to life, you are in the right place. InnovationCast is the collaborative innovation management software that helps your organization go from ideas to value. At startup speed and in the right direction. We help you make innovation simple, fun and fast. With InnovationCast you will: #1 Get stronger ideas, faster (from employees / partners / customers) #2 Decide on which ideas to invest in. #3 Test the most promising ideas, without breaking the bank. #4 Take the best ideas to the finish line, to create value. #5 Monitor and analyze your business environment, to find trends, technologies, companies and insights which can trigger more innovation. #6 Engage people and recognise valuable contributions that make a difference #7 Track progress in real time and always know where your attention is needed In short, InnovationCast will give you all the building blocks you need to support your innovation activities. You will save time and money, and most importantly, you will be able to focus on what matters the most: enabling your people to innovate. So whether you're bootstrapping or re-imagining your innovation system, we can be your copilot and help you all the way through. Shall we continue the conversation? You'll find a passionate and experienced team, with 10+ years’ of experience working with customers across 11 industries, including global brands, in all continents. Several of our customers launch award-winning innovation management initiatives, including the best "Employee Innovation Program"​ worldwide, by Forrester. You will be in good company! InnovationCast is a sister company of Premium Minds. We are recognised by top analysts, such as Gartner, Forrester and MWD. Let's start with a small, practical and meaningful conversation about your scenario and find out together if we can help

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Name InnovationCast
Founded 2021
CEO - Leonardo Varella-Cid
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HQ locations Portugal
Other locations DE , US , DK , FR , JP , NL , ES , CH , GB , 0 -
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Revenue 2020 ($m) 3
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Cyber security rating 76
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