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LawGeex automates and accelerates contracts, freeing Legal to focus on strategic work

What is LawGeex?

LawGeex red-flags potential pitfalls in a contract – clearly highlighting risks that individuals are taking when signing a contract blindly. With LawGeex, the days of risking it all and signing blind are over. Its profoundly simple for anyone to use, and requires no prior legal knowledge. Legalese is translated into simple English, making your contract clearer, less confusing and giving you the knowledge to make a more informed decision. We review over 30 contract types including NDAs, service agreements, employment contracts, leases, investment term sheets, and more. Simply upload your contract and well have it reviewed within 24hrs.

Company details
Name LawGeex
Founded 2014
CEO Noory Bechor
Employees 125
Company culture 4.5
HQ location USA
Locations Israel, United States
Award and certifications
Revenue 2020 ($m) -
Total funding ($m) 45
Cyber security rating 93
Certificates ISO/IEC-27001

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