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Leadmark is a boutique services firm that makes your life in supplier management better, easier and more fun.

What is Leadmark?

Leadmark delivers value to organizations in three distinct segments in the corporate market: ? Supplier Management ? Optimize the the governance of service provider relationships to improve control and deliver enhanced value in services delivered to the organisation. ? Shared Services ? Drive excellence in governance, improved customer experience and increased productivity in Shared Service Center operations. ? Service Providers ? Provide beste in class, highly standardized, governance capabilities that drive improved compliance, flexibility, higher customer satisfaction and retention in sourced service engagements. Leadmark offers the following services and solutions to its clients: ? Contract Assessement ? A quantitative and qualitative method to improve the manageability of sourced services contracts. ? Governance Framework ? An integrated set of principles and practices that interconnects value and risk management, designed to successfully manage and direct service provider relationships. ? Governance Platform ? A powerfull collaborative cloud based platform to streamline and empower day-to-day governance efforts to enable more productive ways of managing service provider relationships. ? Managed Governance ? A flexible extension of your team that takes the burden of non-core supplier management work off your plate, allowing you to focus on critical activities.

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