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Meta Capital is a petty cash management platform

What is Meta Capital?

Meta Capital combines finance, technology and innovation to provide a range of ground breaking financial and automation solutions to our customers. Founded in 2015 by now CEO, Silah Obegi, on the premise that good business decisions are based on good information. Strong online systems can make or break a business in todays fast paced and technologically advanced landscape. Meta Capital’s tag-line, “Information Changes Situation”, embodies this concept and drives us to offer client focused systems that allow data-driven decision making. Meta Capital specializes in developing systems around Banking, Real Estate, Process Automation and Online Forex Trading. We develop tailored stand-alone software as well as web and mobile applications, specific to our client’s specifications. Our team of developers work closely with the client relationship and project managers to ensure that each system meets our client expectations.

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Name Meta Capital
Founded 2015
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