Mimica Automation

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Mimica Automation is a developer of a machine learning automation platform.

What is Mimica Automation?

Since the dawn of computing, automation has been the result of hours of meticulous coding. Whether RPA, Excel macros, or vanilla software automation, the paradigm remains the same: a developer must explicitly program every action the software performs. This intricate manual programming is time-consuming and error-prone, making automation prohibitively expensive for most of the world's businesses. Mimica flips this paradigm. Instead of being explicitly programmed, our software learns to perform tasks by observing users. Our algorithms record clicks and keystrokes, identify patterns in the data, and generate automations. Computers can now produce useful work autonomously. Imagine your computer learning to take care of your admin work for you. That's the future we're building.

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Name Mimica Automation
Founded 2021
CEO Tuhin Chakraborty
Employees 0
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HQ location United Kingdom
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Cyber security rating 92
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