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We are a team of consultants, developers, analysts and researchers who are passionate about Quality Management and OpenSource technologies. Our goal is to make Quality Management and Business Process Management software more accessible to businesses so that we can help businesses reduce costs and boost productivity, innovation and competitiveness.

What is Momentum QMS?

The principles of Total Quality Management are universally known and accepted, however, only large enterprises have truly benefited from this; until now. Momentum QMS is built on industry best practices and is designed to work with small, medium or large businesses and no license fee will be charged for using Momentum QMS. This is one small way for us to give back to the community and industry that has supported us and taught us everything we know. Like most businesses our team is truly global with team members located in USA, India and Australia. We have collaborated to bring you an exceptional product and we know that Momentum QMS can help you achieve your quality goals.

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