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Robotic Process Automation for mid-market CFOs

What is Plena Data?

Plena Data is a revolutionary Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform that is used to build bots allowing organizations of all sizes to automate their workflows and business processes. Our software bots complete tasks just like an employee would. Our platform utilizes a robust coding framework enabling developers to build more sophisticated, dependable, and agile bots. We are the first and only developer-centric, bot-building platform. With Plena Data, your bots are ready for deployment in just two weeks and they cost a fraction of traditional RPA. We allow our clients to achieve extreme multiples on their investment in automation. In May 2020, we began a teaming agreement with Deloitte because they believe our bots are perfect for mid-market companies. Bots can be used across any industry, company, or department. Every business has its unique set of processes that have been developed and improved upon over time. With this in mind, we build every bot to exactly mimic the processes and workflows that have been orchestrated in your organization. Our engineers carefully take into account the underlying systems, hosting environments, security protocols, and the nuances inherent in your processes.

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