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Pulse is a cash flow management software.

What is Pulse?

Pulse provides an easy way to manage your cash flow online, allowing you to quickly manage and evaluate your income and expenses. Business owners who use Pulse have better cash flow habits and a firm grasp on the pulse of their business. Pulse gives you the ability to understand your financial position at any time, past, present or future. While cash flow spreadsheets and accounting software focus on the totals, Pulse gives you the ability to make the tough daily decisions you face when running a small business. In support of businesses navigating the current economic crisis, we’ve extended our free trial to 90 days.

Company details
Name Pulse
Founded 2021
CEO Arjan Rikhraj
Employees 0
Company culture -
HQ location United States of America
Other locations United states
Award and certifications
Revenue 2020 ($m) -
Total funding ($m) 11
Cyber security rating 71
Certificates -

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