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Responsibly is a data pipeline that centralizes and harmonizes your responsibility data to empower procurement and sustainability teams to put sustainability metrics on the scorecard alongside price

What is Responsibly?

1. We centralize all data sources and procurement policies across purchase categories, across risk types (e.g. sustainability, human rights, diversity, financial risk, cyber security risk, and more), and across data types (e.g. ratings, certificates, audits, supplier questionnaires, media monitoring, and more), so you have a holistic overview of your suppliers. 2. We harmonize and add intelligence to that data. Different sources are harmonized so they become comparable and a supplier on SEDEX, can be evaluated to a supplier on Ecovadis etc. - this helps reduce audit overload, and increases data coverage for buyers that don't have bargaining power to ask suppliers to run on a specific standard. We compile the harmonized data into a holistic and comparable scorecard per supplier that's tailored according to the company's and category's purchase policy. 3. We integrate the harmonized scorecards and customized sustainability scores into our customers procurement software - whether traditional players like Coupa or SAP Ariba, start-ups like Archlet, marketplaces, or collaboration software like Vizibl. 4. We are an intelligence platform for responsible sourcing. We show you an intuitive dashboard so you can monitor both your responsibility performance and your data coverage. We connect with leading institutions like UN Global Compact so you can report externally on your performance. We show you category-specific intelligence on risk and impact levels, and we help you navigate data sources, validity and availability for your suppliers.

Company details
Name Responsibly
Founded 2021
CEO Thomas Buch Andersson
Employees 6
Company culture -
HQ location Denmark
Locations Denmark
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Revenue 2020 ($m) -
Total funding ($m) 2
Cyber security rating 94
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Responsibly Capabilities

  • Supply chain traceability
  • Supply chain transparency & reporting
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