Smart Welding Manager

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Welding Software for managing all aspects of your fabrication jobs

What is Smart Welding Manager?

Smart Welding Manager is a cloud-based production welding management software application to plan, record, test and report welding activities easily. The application allows users to create and manage work packs, drawings, WPS, welders, testing, weld mapping and creation of final documentation including full traceability. Portable devices can be used to record activities in the field, such as recording welding inspections and even create pictorial weld maps. Smart Welding Manager is built using cutting edge technology for best performance across platforms. As Smart Welding Manager is a cloud-based application, it works with any standard web-browser and on any Internet enabled device (PC, Notebook, Tablet, etc). This means the application can be accessed by any of your staff with access rights, regardless of where they are located or what type of computer or operating system they are using. Obviously, there is no requirement for servers and other hardware and you can save on installation and maintenance costs. Smart Welding Manager is a multi-tenancy model SaaS (software as a service) application. So, the cost of development and maintenance is shared among more users than a customized application would be. It is a highly scalable software product. It would suit small, medium and large companies alike. The application resources can be increased as your requirements change, which makes Smart Welding Manager a very cost effective application, at the same time offering its renowned performance and features at all levels.

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