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smartcrowds is an IT services organization.

What is Smartcrowds?

smartcrowds® is a Cloud based Innovation Management solution that supports the 360 ̊ Innovation & Continuous Improvement Framework. It provides a secure and private space to engage, encourage and capture innovation: moving beyond feedback and idea gathering to measurable testing, implementation and improvement. From engaging with key internal and external crowds using idea campaigns, challenges and regular or on-demand surveys, to the creation of evidence-based, trackable action plans and management through to successful completion, smartcrowds® helps organisations deliver positive workplace and community outcomes. smartcrowds® can help you to: • Engage and empower internal and external audiences with effective feedback channels • Harness the collective intelligence of communities to discover key issues, affordable solutions and easy efficiencies • Carry out auto-assessment scoring of submissions to quickly identify top ideas and proposals against business objectives • Streamline idea testing, work, and task planning and project management • Keep stakeholders in the loop with simple but effective communication methods • Identify key issues, building a corporate memory and minimising repeat mistakes • Generate customised reporting, measurable results and powerful analytics If you’re interested in finding out more about how smartcrowds® why not book a free DEMO today at

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Name smartcrowds
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CEO David Kerr
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