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What is Spendata?

Reaching the next level of savings requires a new level of agility. Spendata delivers that agility with time to value, analysis power, ease of use, and data security. Dashboards and BI tools won’t get you there. You’ll need new data dimensions and new data mappings, many-to-many relations between linked datasets, and powerful filtering and marking tools. You'll want to add new data and new relationships to a published cube, and preserve your custom changes across future refreshes. Spend analysts have a need for speed, to make a mapping change and see the result in real time. After all, the ability to make changes is why we love spreadsheets. Now imagine that your multi-million-record spend dataset was equally malleable, and you can understand why analysts love Spendata. Unlike most SAAS products, Spendata doesn't do its work on a server; all processing is performed locally, right on your personal computer. That means your data never leaves your machine. Ever. We don't see it, we can't see it, and we can't give it to someone else. So, you pass GDPR, CPRA, and HIPAA immediately. And, because your data stays local and private, there’s no worry about enforced data release under the United States Patriot Act. Your data security meeting on Spendata will be the shortest security meeting you've ever had. We built Spendata to be easy to use, and we supply a searchable library of 100+ instructional videos to make it even easier. We also offer services – anything from DIY to full service is on the table – but our goal is to create independence, not to foster dependence. If you have to run back to your supplier every time you want to make a change, that’s just… nuts. With Spendata you have access to the entire tool set, including auto-familying and auto-mapping tools that are simple to use and understand. Try Spendata for free, no strings attached, no credit card needed. Visit our website for details.

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Name Spendata
Founded 2015
CEO Eric Strovink
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HQ location United States Of America
Locations South Africa
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Cyber security rating 87
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