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AI-driven Analytics for Modern Procurement Teams

What is Suplari?

Suplari is the Spend Analytics and Supplier Management system for modern procurement. that enables finance, procurement and IT teams to proactively optimize financial performance. Suplari enables teams to achieve their financial and strategic goals, by improving productivity, receiving proactive recommendations on optimization opportunities, and focusing on strategic initiatives that are most critical to business partners and overall company success. Suplari leverages AI to connect, monitor and analyze complex data sets, creating meaningful insights that proactively detect opportunities to optimize IT, financial health and business-critical KPIs. Customers gain access to a rapidly growing library of insight applications developed by Suplari’s data scientists, customers, and network partners.

Company details
Name Suplari
Founded 2016
CEO Nikesh Parekh
Employees 28
Company culture 4.5
HQ location USA
Locations United States
Award and certifications
Revenue 2020 ($m) 8
Total funding ($m) 13,400,000
Cyber security rating 89
Certificates SOC 2

Suplari Capabilities

  • Define targets & KPIs
  • Monitor & report performance

  • Risk assessment & allocation
  • Risk monitoring & reporting

  • Analytics
  • Enrichments
  • Spend
  • Visualisation
Integration partners