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Terradoxa: The place to be to live serenely a foot in the physical world and a foot in the digital sphere.

What is Terradoxa?

Terradoxa Intelligent Horizontal Platform: - creates the digital identity of individuals and businesses (end of identifiers, end of passwords) - simplifies and secures the uses of the digital world (sanctuarisation of data, end of customer journeys) - offers service producers of the platform a RGPD-Privacy by design structure - meets the numerical exclusion - is a link between the generations - creates and redistributes value by betting on ethics and generosity - promotes a circular economy without penalizing neither producers nor consumers Terradoxa generates trust by ensuring the anonymity of users within the laws of countries where this environment is deployed. For open data reasoning and open banking it is a springboard that solves the following equation: 1. Absorption of fraud risks 2. dynamic knowledge of customers who remain anonymous 3. total compliance with the regulation (RGPD) and future declensions Finally, it is an accelerator of universal digital democracy substituting ethics and valorization of the data of each one to the private, concentrated and opaque models of the 20th century. Terradoxa is by no means a utopia: it is "The place to be", well in its time to live and do business serenely, well in its ecosystem because sustainable and inclusive.

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