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To involve everyone in Innovation

What is The Best Idea?

The Best Idea is the start-up creator of the coworking web platform which, through an innovative evaluation process, offers companies and institutions a series of tools for Idea Management, for impartial evaluation by its own group of users, of Suggestions, Projects or complete Business Plans, published initially anonymously on the basis of intuitions or on the basis of Challenges published by others. They can also do it in a system of multiple activities planned in advance for a specific purpose, if possible using available but completely modifiable models, to do Brainstormings, Design Thinkings or Hackathons. They are also helped in the preparation of company meetings, to be held in the office or in Smart Working, allowing participants to publish in advance, also attaching documents, and choose with a vote, ideas to draw up the agenda on a topic identified by the person who called the meeting, bringing everyone to arrive well prepared and reducing the number and duration of meetings. The platform also offers the possibility of launching Market Surveys, always anonymously, to an extended, selected audience or to specific groups, all in full security and privacy protection. It is an entirely Made in Italy project, developed in collaboration with the best experts in the sector and partly financed by the Veneto Region thanks to European funds.

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