What’s The Price (WTP)

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What is What’s The Price (WTP)?

A professional negotiation about the price of a product usually takes place without any fact based arguments. The buyers feel like they’re paying an unfair price and the seller tries to negotiate the highest possible margin. This is where WTP steps in. WTP is an online tool that makes it possible to get insight in the cost price and the (history of) commodity prices of any product within five minutes. In this way, the buyer has the same information as the seller and they can negotiate a fair price. WTP can also add value to the manufacturer. Namely, they can use the tool to compare themselves to other manufacturers in their industry which creates equality in industries. All this is possible because WTP uses an enormous amount of commodity data, real time currencies and detailed financial information about nearly 400 industries. All these data is linked to create a vast amount of simulations. Since our launch in January 2015, large companies have been using our tool in their negotiations. In support of our customers, we offer worldwide professional trainings about cost-based negotiations and effectively using WTP.

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Name Whats The Price
Founded 2014
CEO Robert Driessen
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HQ location The Netherlands
Locations United States
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