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We create unique Client | Brand experiences by simplifying complex processes with automation, data and AI

What is Xira?

Hi, we are Xira. Let's simplify complexity with automation, data and AI together! Xira's platform offers end to end automation to guarantee each solution's success, as simple as this: 1. Define your business KPIs 2. Discover your process with data and Process mining 3. Select the most appropriate AI and Automation modules and create your solution 4. Predict its impact on your defined KPIs 5. Implement and integrate seamlessly 6. Obtain results automatically with continuous improvement SOLUTIONS Operational Efficiency: Map your processes with data and find the most impactful bottlenecks to automate, even if they are very complex. Level up your operations with AI, making them safer, faster and more cost efficient. Customer Experience Automation: Guarantee unique experiences in all client - brand interactions by pinpointing what customers value the most and working backwards to automate related internal and client facing processes. Predictive Analytics: Gather clients behavioral data to optimize your processes and operations, cross sell, predict new needs, and offer a personalized service even if you serve millions of customers. Conversational Commerce (C-Commerce): An alternative to e-commerce that offers better conversion rates, is less expensive, creates stronger customer relationships and understanding of behaviors through voice and the world's most powerful messaging apps: WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and more.

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