6 key steps to seamless Supplier Onboarding

6 key steps to seamless Supplier Onboarding

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If it’s so easy to run an efficient supplier onboarding program, how can it be done? 

Turns out it only takes 6 key steps to increase efficiency within your procurement team. 

Graphite’s eBook on providing an efficiency program outlines key tips to creating a procurement team you can’t live without. Making your procurement processes more efficient can be the difference between mediocre and mighty achievements. 

How can you make Supplier Onboarding easier? 

Take a good look at your supplier intake process. Is it clear, simple and easy to follow? 

Not happy? Time to revamp your current processes! 

Your procurement team’s needs should mirror the maturity of your business. With the continuous change in technology offerings and trends, it’s important to refresh your processes to make sure you’re making the best use of your assets. How often depends on the company. This doesn’t come down solely to risk management, but all elements of your business to ensure efficiency, productivity, cost savings, value creation and more are maximised. 

Key steps 
  1. Know the maturity of your business 
  2. Create a centralised intake process 
  3. Create ease and visibility with supplier data management 
  4. Be the gatekeeper for your company 
    1. Financial risk 
    2. Cyber security risk 
    3. Compliance 
    4. Supply chain risk 
    5. Social risks 
  5. Meet employees where they are 
  6. Advertise your team internally 

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