Digitalisation and modern Procurement Success

Digital Transformation - the key to modern Procurement Success

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Embrace digitalisation and ensure your organisations business model allows for open innovation.

There are several key considerations that are incorporated as part of the digital procurement journey, including:

  • Focus on Procurement has evolved from transactional management to strategic sourcing, with the help of new technological tools, procurement can drive new innovative business models
  • The transformation to digital procurement is not a simple one, there are often significant challenges and obstacles that must be overcome
  • To effectively transform, procurement needs to have a clear understanding of what their digitalisation needs look like
  • Success in the digital procurement space requires strong infrastructure, a technology partner ecosystem and a business model that encourages innovation can be very beneficial
  • The automation of simple processes can allow the people in the procurement teams to better focus on value-adding activities
  • To evaluate the success of digital procurement integration, strong procurement performance management is essential it can elevate the value of procurement by bringing a number of benefits

By 2025, 20% of procurement employees will be data experts, and 70% of savings will be generated by data analytics.

 A typical RPA can be automated in six weeks and deliver an in-year return on investment of more than 300%.

Discover how to make digital transformation work for you.

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