Microsoft invested over $1 billion in digital

Microsoft invested over $1 billion in digital - which AI solutions are getting funding and how?

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With access to unique high-quality data, companies can gain an edge in building consumer or enterprise AI software. 

The recent State of AI Report 2022 looks at how technology is accelerating digital infrastructure, giving rise to new solutions solving companies’ and procurement’s problems.

Large corporate investment in digital solutions is set to increase: Microsoft invested $1 billion in OpenAI, with similar sized corporations doing the same. 

SaaS and startup investment is expected to reach just over $41 billion by the end of 2022: even though this is less than last year, it still remains higher than 2020 and before, as many startups received an influx of investment after witnessing the impact of the pandemic. 

Investment in SaaS startups & scaleups using AI is expected to reach $41.5B by the end of the year, down 33% from last year, but higher than in 2020
Key themes 
  • New independent research labs are rapidly open sourcing the closed source output of major labs 
  • Safety is gaining awareness among major AI research entities 
  • The China-US AI research gap has continued to widen 
  • AI-driven scientific research continues to lead to breakthroughs 

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