UiPath Forrester RPA Report

UiPath Forrester RPA Report

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The new Robotic Process Automation (RPA) customer wants more than just basic desktop automation, they want something much more complex that can help people work from home and improve processes damaged by COVID.

As a result of these requirements, customers of RPA should look for these things when considering RPA software: 

  • Does the software deliver broad and rich experiences for business leaders? The RPA software needs to be easy for this user group to utilise and not be the sole responsibility of a technician.
  • RPA customers should also ensure that providers allow them to integrate RPA-adjacent automation technologies, such as connecting to IoT ecosystems and AI infused decision making.
  • Customers should also ensure the suppliers provide enable them to empower a superior scaling experience, this means a simple system that allows the users to scale up or down their RPA requirements on an ongoing basis very easily and includes systems like free trials, pay as you consume models.

The Forrester report highlights a selection of 14 key players in the market: Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Cyclone Robotics, Datamatics, EdgeVerve, Hyland, Kofax, Kryon, Microsoft, NICE, Pegasystems, SAP, UiPath, and WorkFusion.

Robotic Process Automation

The vendors included were evaluated against 25 criteria which are grouped in to three buckets: current offering, market presence and strategy, some additional selection considerations are seen below that all of the shortlisted companies met:

  • Product over service orientation
  • RPA being the company’s primary or only focus
  • The RPA provided must have a wide capabilities and varied functionality available
  • The company must have existing clients across two or more regions
  • The software provider must have a minimum of $10m revenue from RPA products per year
  • The provider must have generated a strong customer interest

UiPath are part of one of the fastest growing enterprise software sectors in the world.  RPA requires minimal upfront investment, is scalable and enterprise ready delivering rapid, significant return on investment.

RPA benefits

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